What an underlay has to achieve today

Since October 2018, the European standard EN 16354 and the technical data sheets of the EPLF 1) and MMFA 2) have defined all relevant criteria for an underlayment. They specify basic minimum requirements as well as increased requirements ( see technical data) and define the test methods to be observed, which are binding for commercial installers. The right underlay optimises the floor structure and extends the service life of the top layer. The requirements are divided into the following three areas:


Requirements based on acoustics

Walking noise: the noise development in the room itself compared to a 3 mm standard PE foam underlay, specified in the unit [%].

Impact sound: the sound transmission into neighbouring rooms (structure-borne sound) and rooms below (impact sound), measured in the unit [db]. Even 10 dB is perceived by the human ear as a halving or doubling.

Requirements based on use

Pressure stability: service life, load-bearing capacity and protection of the click connection, measured in the unit [kPa]. 10 kPa corresponds to approx. 1 tonne.

Impact load: the height from which an object can hit the floor without damaging it, measured in units of [mm].


Requirements based on the substrate/structure

Thermal resistance: Suitability for underfloor heating or thermal insulation, measured in the unit [m2 K/W].

Point levelling ability: levelling of unevenness, measured in units of [mm].

Moisture protection: Mineral substrates require moisture protection, measured in the unit



… and how we set new standards

Minimum requirements are never the measure of all things for VISCOH, because we set new standards. The products in our small but very fine range are all multi-talented and impress with their unique viscoelastic properties. All underlays are capable of levelling out unevenness again and again, thus counteracting resonance spaces in the floor structure. This ensures unrivalled sound insulation and, thanks to the cross-linked material structure, also offers stability and elasticity that are retained for years.

Another VISCOH plus: with a clear conscience, we give a guarantee of up to 30 years on our products – so that your customers feel completely safe!

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