Viscoh Team

VISCOH – 70 years of accumulated experience

Although VISCOH was only founded in 2014, the team behind the company can look back on a total of 70 years of accumulated experience in the field of impact sound insulation.

This is because they are all experienced specialists from the industry who have set themselves the goal of redesigning the market for underlays and making it as simple, clear and competent as possible for dealers and end users. With only 9 products, the range is the clearest and most competent in the industry.

With our acoustic documents for parquet, laminate and design flooring, we meet all the equirements for underlays demanded by the EPLF (Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring) and the MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association), thus giving dealers the competence and customers the good feeling of having done everything right.

We act on the principle, simplicity is the highest form of perfection.

VISCOH-Team, Joachim Weber, Geschäftsführer

Often an idea must be accompanied by the necessary experience and the will to innovate in order to be groundbreaking.

Joachim Weber,
Managing Director
09261 910069 0

VISCOH-Team, Stefan Jungkunz, Vertreib und Technik

It is the viscoelastic, unique material structure that catapults our new acoustic underlays to the forefront of high-performance underlays.

Stephan Jungkunz,
Sales and Technology
09261 910069 38

VISCOH-Team, Frank Hofmann, Vertriebsleiter

Extremely stable and elastic at the same time, as well as the highest sound insulation values for footfall and impact sound are unique in our acoustic underlay.

Frank Hofmann,
Sales Manager
09261 910069 31

VISCOH-Team, Christian Weber, Gesellschafter

According to a market study, dealers finally want to shed light on the range of impact sound insulation underlays. Our goal is to support them in this and to make the topic as clear and competent as possible for dealers and end consumers.

Christian Weber,


A better value for money will be hard to find!

Nadja Volk,
Back office and accounting

VISCOH is clearly and logically structured. This makes buying and selling clear and simple. Product cannibalism does not exist!

Janine Gürtler,
09261 910069 35

VOSCH-Team, Marco Kalbhen, Außendienst Ost

Marco Kalbhen
Field Sales East
0175 2047971

VISCOH-Team, Ake Pawlik, Außendienst West

Anke Pawlik
Field Sales West
0173 3042762

Iven Hnyk
Field Sales South-West
0173 5724969

Thomas Lemberger
Field Sales South-East
and Austria
Floor coverings trade
0172 8527473

Andrea Facklam
Field Sales North
0160 701 3414

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