Why VISCOH is in a class of its own?

It’s all the result of cross-linking

Our underlay is manufactured in a complex, three-stage process, consisting of extrusion, cross-linking and expansion. The cross-linked molecular structure results in maximum dimensional stability and resilience with viscoelastic properties.


molecular structure


molecular structure


VISCOHelasticity – the key to simplicity

The term viscoelasticity comes from the words viscosity and elasticity. Viscosity results in improved footfall noise while elasticity results in a reduction in impact sound. Two physical and opposing properties are combined in one basic material – the key to our range and the key to its simplicity.

The versatile all-rounders

Our foams achieve top ratings in nearly all areas thanks to their viscoelastic properties that are combined with increased dimensional stability. This makes them versatile all-rounders, as
the example of AIR+ illustrates in the radar chart. AIR+ exceeds all of the EPLF’s enhanced requirements. This rating is without equal – a class of it´s own.

AIR+ in the radar chart

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